Android Keystore Management

Why are keystores needed on TPA?

With the added support for app bundles, key stores are now required if you wish to install and test your app bundles. While APK files are signed when you upload them to us, app bundles are not, and will need to be signed when the APK file Is generated.

Managing keystores

Users with the superuser status will find a 'Android Keystores' option under the administration menu. Here it is possible to manage keystores for your TPA instance. 

Adding or generating keystores

There are two options for adding a keystore to TPA, either upload an existing keystore or let TPA generate one. When uploading we will need the key alias, store pass and key pass as well as the keystore file. Store pass and key pass are both encrypted before storing, but it is recommended to only use testing keystores on TPA. Generating a keystore only requires a name identifying the keystore, TPA will then generate a keystore to use for signing. A small difference is that Google Play Protect probably won't recognise a TPA generated keystore, this will cause a prompt when installing apps flagging them as unsafe. If you wish to avoid this uploading your own keystore will alleviate this. 

Editing keystores

Keystores can be edited by selecting them from the management page. You can either choose to rename them or delete them entirely. 

Selecting keystore for a project

Keystores are assigned per project. Users with an admin role can select it by opening the 'Edit Project' page. Android project will have a tab labeled 'Android' where you can change the keystore assigned to  

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