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Why is shake to feedback disabled in App Store builds?

"Shake to feedback" is disabled in order to avoid that screen shots with potential sensitive information are accidentally sent to TPA, and simply to avoid the situation that the user shakes his device and ends up with confusing a screen that has no relation to the app and app flow.

I just uploaded an app, where is it?

Apps are always sorted by build number. This follows the pattern that build numbers must be increasing from app version to app version. To be very specific, version "1.0.0 (20)" is in fact a higher number than "2.0.0 (19)". The version with highest build number is always the one shown on the projects page.

My testers do not see my apps on the mobile web, why?

A few things must be in place:

  • The platform must match: That is, no iOS app are shown on an Android device.
  • Device criteria must be met, example: An app built for iPad will not be shown on an iPhone.
  • Minimum OS must match. An app requiring 4.2.0 will not be shown on a 4.0.0 device.
  • User rights must match (as given in Manage project -> Edit project -> App rights).

Do I need an enterprise license to distribute iOS apps using TPA?

No, you can also distribute ad hoc signed apps. However, these will only install on devices listed in the provisioning profile.

My iOS app downloads but installation fails.

Most likely there is a problem with the certificate and/or provisioning profile. If installation fails, the device writes it to the log, so the precise cause may be revealed if you attach the device to XCode or iExplorer and examine the log. Unfortunately, it has been observed (several times) that iOS cannot replace an expired app. So having the same app with an expired provisioning profile installed on the device may prevent an app update. To fix it, simply delete the old app.
An ad hoc signed app follows normal license rules and limitations and will only install on devices for which the app has been provisioned.

Installing on iOS, the phone says "Untrusted developer"

That was introduced by iOS9. Unfortunately, on your device, you will have to go into "Settings" -> "General" -> "Device Management" and trust the profile. If you delete all apps by a given developer, you will have to repeat this step the first time you reinstall one of the apps (or when installing another app from the same developer).

Feedback screen shots do not show up in JIRA

Assuming that TPA JIRA integration has been setup correctly, please note that the JIRA project itself has specific permission settings determining if you can attach pictures to JIRA issues created through this channel.

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